General conditions of sale


1) This offer is valid for a period of 5 days;

2) This order will be fulfilled once it has been confirmed, no later than ________ ;

3) The price of this order has been set based on the weights stated by the customer, and therefore, the final sum may undergo a change at the time of final inspection, when it may increase and/or be reduced according to the actual weight of the goods, without prejudice to a tolerance of 1% (one percent) of the weight stated in the request for offer;

4) Delivery dates given are indicative and in no way bind the seller, who is not liable to indemnify any direct or indirect damage due to delays in delivery or to interruption or partial or complete termination of supplies;

5) Any changes to goods named in this offer shall be subjected to the prior approval of Tecnocarp Srl, with resulting changes to price to be agreed between the parties as each case requires;

6) Goods, even if sold free at destination – will always travel at the risk of the purchaser – the vendor’s responsibility ceases when the items leave the warehouse;

7) Payments are due within the agreed terms, even in the event of delayed arrival of goods, breakdowns, or total or partial losses occurring during transport as well as in the case that the goods made available to the purchaser by the vendor are not collected by the purchaser; in case of delayed payment, the purchaser shall pay the vendor agreed interest at an annual rate of 9% (nine percent) as of the due date for payment and until such time as settlement of the full amount has been made;

8) The offer is understood as accepted only after receipt, including via fax, by our offices, of said offer, duly stamped and signed in acceptance;

9) Any penalties and/or compulsory completion dates for Tecnocarp Srl will be understood as not stated, since not agreed beforehand and therefore, the sole conditions accepted will be those stated in this document;

10) Any disputes arising due to the goods supplied shall be notified to Tecnocarp Srl by registered mail with return receipt, no later than 8 days from delivery; failure to comply with these terms will imply acceptance of goods by the purchaser, without reservation; in the event of any dispute, the purchaser will have the right to suspend payment of the price solely and exclusively for the amount of goods specifically disputed. In this case, Tecnocarp Srl will from then on be entitled to suspend all further deliveries until such time as the resolution of the dispute;

11) The vendor guarantees that the goods will comply with the technical characteristics stated and hereby undertakes to control any contested faults immediately as well as to repair and/or replace any faulty goods;

12) The sole place of jurisdiction for all disputes concerning this agreement will be the Court of Piacenza.